Bennie wanted some black pipes for his Bagger Harley. We said, "You bet!" Bada-boom—These black pipes have given Bennie's Bagger a crazy fabulous custom look that you just don't see (or hear) cruisin' down the road anywhere. Look at Bennie's bike in these pix... and Bennie for that matter. We're happy to report that he's one happy dude!

What's so great about D&D Black Pipes? First off, they're finished with a proprietary coating developed here in the good ol' US of A by the "Pope of Pipe", Dave Rash (the company owner, in case you didn't know). This coating is super easy to maintain: just clean it with silicone cleaner—DONE.

Secondly, these pipes are designed to fit with little to no modification. That means if you have any of the bikes listed below, you basically just have to order one and put it on. It will fit perfectly. (If  you don't have one of the bikes listed below, no worries, give us a call.)

Thirdly, just like everything else, these pipes are manufactured here in Texas, USA. Texas proud, American great. Just sayin'. 

And did we mention these black pipes just look and sound awesome?? 

Need to see more? Check out these pipes for different models. 

  • Apr 30, 2013
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