New Bobcat system for the 2014 Sportster

We are in the development process on several exciting projects for the upcoming 2014 riding season, so stay calm and read on! We have developed slip-ons and a new bobcat system for the 2014 Sportster. The 2014 Sportster line has changed to 12mm exhaust ports and have relocated the rear master cylinder to the outside of the frame which interfered with the current bobcat system. The new D&D slip-ons are offered in chrome and black with a unique slash cut, and feature a redesigned wrapped baffle that produces a great deep rumble. The slip-ons offer a 5% increase in performance in the low and high RPM range without the need for a tuner or a high flow air cleaner. The new bobcat for the Sportster will be offered in show chrome or black satin with your choice of carbon fiber, black satin, or show-and-go polished cans. The head pipe has been designed to have both 12mm and 18mm oxygen sensors, so it will retrofit to the older Sportsters or be used with aftermarket closed loop fuel injection systems. Our 2014 Sportster gained 20% with the new bobcat, a Screamin' Eagle high flow air cleaner and the proper tune with a SE Pro Tuner.

  • Dec 11, 2013
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