Calling all bagger enthusiasts!

With the introduction of the 2014 Project Rushmore from Harley Davidson, we felt it was a great time to re-design our whole line of pipes to complement the new improvements on the engine configuration. Even though our current exhaust line fits and performs great on the new 2014s, here at D&D we never rest, since with every change inside the engine there is a change in exhaust to achieve maximum performance. So, to that end we have designed, tested, and are in the final stages of production on a brand new baffle design for our 3-1/2" and 4" slip-ons. The new sound is pure awesome: these babies have a low deep rumble at idle, sound great under acceleration and mellow rumble out at cruise speeds. Excellent for the long hauler who wants to listen to the radio (and not piss off his riding buddies!).

Check out the sound bites!

  • Dec 12, 2013
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