GOLD RUSH: Randy Laws’ Camtech Ultra

GOLD RUSH: Randy Laws’ Camtech Ultra

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D&D pipes were featured on this flashy Harley-Davidson.

Article provided by Paisano Publications, LLC and Road Iron Magazine.

Randy Laws’ Camtech Ultra

    If you’re motivated to pull out all the stops to take home a show-n-go winning bagger, it makes perfect sense to team up with someone who has been there, done that—and in style. Such was the case when North Carolina bike fan Randy Laws decided to go south of the border. That would be South Carolina and the town of Summerville, home to Cameron Jurow’s Camtech Custom Baggers; the shop awarded both ROAD IRON Bagger of the Year and Bagger Nation Bagger of the Year at the Easyriders Columbus Invitational Bike Show 2012.

    This story started when Randy purchased a custom bike from Camtech off the web. But when he arrived at the shop to pick it up, he was blown away by the 20 bike projects in progress. So he started talking with Cameron and decided right then and there to rebuild the bike to show level, something he could compete with and worthy of a magazine spotlight. “We made a list that very day. He wanted to go bigger on the front wheel, from the 21 to a 26-inch and he wanted a particular shade of gold,” Cameron tells us. “Then he turned it over to us. Basically, he said build it so that if someone spotted the bike they’d walk all the way across the parking lot to see it.”

    The original 2003 Twin Cam motor had been stock but soon got a performance rebuild including T-Man heads and pistons and plumbed by Camtech’s Robbie Closson. “It’s a hot rod,” Cameron says. “Randy’s a horsepower guy, so he picked his own motor components based on his previous engine combinations.” The heads were diamond cut while all-new bodywork was fabricated by Camtech’s Josh Zak, the Pagan Gold and graphics paint then applied. For cruisin’ music, there are four 6 x 9 speakers, two in the fairing, two in the saddlebags and a big amp plus a 7-inch JVC video screen and GPS. Summing it up Cameron says, “It’s a headturner and the bike rides really well. It’s flashy by classy.”

—Paul Garson


Owner: Randy Laws
City: North Carolina

Designer: Cameron Jurow
Fabrication: Josh Zak, Camtech
Year/make: 2003 H-D
Assembly: Robbie Closson/Camtech
Time: 3 months
Chrome: none

Year/make: 2003 H-D
Displacement: 98 c.i.
Cam: Bobby Woods
Ignition: ThunderMax
Pistons: T-Man
Heads: T-Man
Lifters: Feuling
Carb(s): Horsepower Inc.
Air cleaner: Renegade
Pipes: D&D modified

Year/make: 2003 H-D
Modifications: none
Shifting: 5-speed

Painter: Camtech Custom
Type/color: House of
Kolor/Pagan Gold and black

Year/make: 2003 H-D
Type: FL
Rake: 48 degrees
Stretch: 2 inches
Shocks: Arnott air

Bars: Camtech
Handlebar controls: H-D
Fenders: Camtech
Headlight: H-D
Taillight: RWD
Speedo: Dakota Digital
Dash: Camtech
Front pegs: Carl Brouhard
Rear pegs: Carl Brouhard
Electrics: H-D, Camtech
Gas tank: Camtech
Oil tank: H-D
Oil system: Feuling
Seat: Highrollers
Mirrors: Alloy Art
Grips: Carl Brouhard

Type: H-D
Extension: stock
Builder: H-D, Progressive Suspension

Size: 26-inch front,
16-inch rear
Make: Renegade Spearfish
Tires: Vee Rubber front, Metzeler rear
Brakes: PM
Photos: Michael Lichter

Contact: Camtech Custom Baggers

Disclaimer: The muffler has been altered and can't be purchased directly from D&D in it's altered state.