bob cat pipe - a lot more throttle response & a really deep growl

Submitted by admin | April, 9th 2012

Rider's like what they see and hear about the D&D Bob Cat pipe. In surfing the web we found a number of posts about the Bob Cat on a few forums. Here is an excerpt...

"D&D wasn't lying when they said that this pipe performed. It feels like a completely different bike and all I did was change from the Short shots to the Bobcat."

"The D&D Bobcat Sportster pipes are build for 2004 - 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportsters for performance, torque, and soul-satisfying tone."

"The bike now sounds more like a V-Rod with a lot more throttle response. A really deep growl. It's absolutely insane and worth every penny. When guys say that a 2:1 is what you need to get for performance, it ain't no lie. I couldn't keep it under 60 all the way home. Highly recommended."

Bob Cat Pipes are available in black or chrome with polished aluminum, black or carbon muffler. Click here to view the Black Pipe or the Chrome Pipe.