Buell Slip-on for XB9R/S - XB12R - XB12X & SS


Buell Slip-on for XB9R/S - XB12R - XB12X & SS

Year: 2003-2010
Make: Buell
Product Number: 443-11S


443-11S     XB9R/S  XB12R  XB12X and SS       03-10    Slip-ons      $699.00

Where the slip-on goes to the header is 2" ID

XB12 disconnect the cable leave servo plugged in

system may require a Z bracket available from HD # 65505-98Y or SO115.G

Also Z bracket from www.americansportbike.com  760-727-2333 part # 17068

European Models

Stock euro headers from 2008 froward are smaller diameter

and have a different muffler entry size and angle

The muffler will not work with 2008-2010 Euro Models.


D&D Performance Exhaust Systems

are designed for close course racing applications only.
Not for use on pollution controlled vehicles.





Finish Options:
  • Black

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