2017-2018 M8 Billet Cat 2:1 Harley Davidson Touring


2017-2018 M8 Billet Cat 2:1 Harley Davidson Touring

Year: 2017-2018
Make: Harley Davidson
Product Number: 633Z-31-32 31 is Black 32 is Chrome


New 2:1 System for the Milwaukee - Eight Engine.

This system is designed especially for the M8 motors.


End Caps Sold Separately

M8 Billet Cat Retail Price

633Z-32T Chrome $1,099.00

633Z-31T Black $1,249.00

Billet Ghost Retail Price

630N-32TG Chrome $389.00

630N-31TG Black $459.00

2017-2018 Harley Davidson Touring D&D 2:1 M8 Billet Cat is a

steeped header system at 1 3/4"-1 7/8"-2 1/8" at collector -2 1/2" where the muffler goes to the header.

The M8 Billet Cat full system is equipped with heat-shields,exhaust gaskets,bolt kit and baffle.

Our systems a designed to increase low-end torque and horsepower.

The 2 1/2" core Vortex wrapped baffle works great on 107" to 124" motors. Muffler housing is 4".

M8 Billet Cat comes with 18mm 02 bungs with a 12mm insert for the 12mm sensors.

Note:Will NOT fit with the Harley Cool Flow Fan



Blueing and Discoloration are caused by improper tuning and will not be covered under Warranty.



D&D Performance Exhaust Systems are designed for closed course racing applications.

Not for use on pollution controlled vehicles.


Finish Options:
  • Show Chrome and Ceramic Black

Cut Options/Additional Images: