New Stubby Cat System

Submitted by admin | Thursday - Dec. 12th 2013

We are also about to introduce a brand new Stubby Cat. This is a true performance two-into-one exhaust system that dumps in front of the bags for those of you that like the look of the short pipe but refuse to give up performance. We are also in the initial stages of developing an X-pipe to go with our new slip-ons, and a brand new two-into-one and billet end caps for all the new systems.


Calling All Bagger Enthusiasts!

Submitted by admin | Thursday - Dec. 12th 2013

With the introduction of the 2014 Project Rushmore from Harley Davidson, we felt it was a great time to re-design our whole line of pipes to complement the new improvements on the engine configuration. Even though our current exhaust line fits and performs great on the new 2014s, here at D&D we never rest, since with every change inside the engine there is a change in exhaust to achieve maximum performance. So, to that end we have designed, tested, and are in the final stages of production on a brand new baffle design for our 3-1/2" and 4" slip-ons. The new sound is pure awesome: these babies have a low deep rumble at idle, sound great under acceleration and mellow rumble out at cruise speeds. Excellent for the long hauler who wants to listen to the radio (and not piss off his riding buddies!).

Check out the sound bites!


New Bobcat System for the 2014 Sportster

Submitted by admin | Wednesday - Dec. 11th 2013

We are in the development process on several exciting projects for the upcoming 2014 riding season, so stay calm and read on! We have developed slip-ons and a new bobcat system for the 2014 Sportster. The 2014 Sportster line has changed to 12mm exhaust ports and have relocated the rear master cylinder to the outside of the frame which interfered with the current bobcat system. The new D&D slip-ons are offered in chrome and black with a unique slash cut, and feature a redesigned wrapped baffle that produces a great deep rumble. The slip-ons offer a 5% increase in performance in the low and high RPM range without the need for a tuner or a high flow air cleaner. The new bobcat for the Sportster will be offered in show chrome or black satin with your choice of carbon fiber, black satin, or show-and-go polished cans. The head pipe has been designed to have both 12mm and 18mm oxygen sensors, so it will retrofit to the older Sportsters or be used with aftermarket closed loop fuel injection systems. Our 2014 Sportster gained 20% with the new bobcat, a Screamin' Eagle high flow air cleaner and the proper tune with a SE Pro Tuner.


In the Works!

Submitted by admin | Wednesday - Dec. 11th 2013

Right now we are developing a 2-into-1 exhaust for the HD V-Rod Muscle. With the introduction of the Muscle line, the oil fill dipstick has been moved to the right side of the motorcycle which makes our existing pipe (and most other pipes on the market) block access to the dipstick. This problem has been fixed and are in the final stages of development. Another pipe in the works is a Lowcat and Bobcat designed for the HD breakout. The issue with the breakout model was a change in the oil tank which made the existing Lowcat and Bobcat line interfere with the oil tank vent line. This issue has been addressed and we are in the final stages of development with the breakout model also. Now for all you true performance and racing-inspired enthusiasts, we are in the initial stages of development on a 2-into-1 race exhaust for 2009-2013 Baggers with 120 CI or bigger engines with S&S B2 heads. The S&S heads are .200” taller with 2” exhaust outlets. Right now, to our knowledge, no one is building a pipe that is specifically designed for this high horsepower combination. Check out the pictures in the slider above, and stay tuned for future developments as we progress on these exciting projects!


Sue Schaefer 120R with Boss Boarzilla

Submitted by site-admin | Wednesday - Jun. 26th 2013

Leonard:  you made all the difference in these Boarzilla's. I rock the 120R Harley motor and the only missing link was my D&D exhaust...Thank you for taking all my calls before, during, and after the install!! lol They are just badass and well, here comes more "noise" tickets! I will forward you Dyno info soon... Thank you for having a part in making my dreams come true... wow!!!!! Sue Schaefer, Seattle, WA


Black Pipes for Bennie's Bagger...BadaBing!

Submitted by admin | Tuesday - Apr. 30th 2013

Bennie wanted some black pipes for his Bagger Harley. We said, "You bet!" Bada-boom—These black pipes have given Bennie's Bagger a crazy fabulous custom look that you just don't see (or hear) cruisin' down the road anywhere. Look at Bennie's bike in these pix... and Bennie for that matter. We're happy to report that he's one happy dude!

What's so great about D&D Black Pipes? First off, they're finished with a proprietary coating developed here in the good ol' US of A by the "Pope of Pipe", Dave Rash (the company owner, in case you didn't know). This coating is super easy to maintain: just clean it with silicone cleaner—DONE.

Secondly, these pipes are designed to fit with little to no modification. That means if you have any of the bikes listed below, you basically just have to order one and put it on. It will fit perfectly. (If  you don't have one of the bikes listed below, no worries, give us a call.)

Thirdly, just like everything else, these pipes are manufactured here in Texas, USA. Texas proud, American great. Just sayin'. 

And did we mention these black pipes just look and sound awesome?? 

Need to see more? Check out these pipes for different models. 
Harley Davidson
Buell  *  Sportster  *  Softail 
Touring  *  Dyna  *  V Rod
Bonneville  *  Thruxton  *  Scrambler 

Vision  *  Cross Country  



GOLD RUSH: Randy Laws’ Camtech Ultra

Submitted by admin | Thursday - Mar. 7th 2013

D&D pipes were featured on this flashy Harley-Davidson.

Article provided by Paisano Publications, LLC and Road Iron Magazine.

Randy Laws’ Camtech Ultra

    If you’re motivated to pull out all the stops to take home a show-n-go winning bagger, it makes perfect sense to team up with someone who has been there, done that—and in style. Such was the case when North Carolina bike fan Randy Laws decided to go south of the border. That would be South Carolina and the town of Summerville, home to Cameron Jurow’s Camtech Custom Baggers; the shop awarded both ROAD IRON Bagger of the Year and Bagger Nation Bagger of the Year at the Easyriders Columbus Invitational Bike Show 2012.

    This story started when Randy purchased a custom bike from Camtech off the web. But when he arrived at the shop to pick it up, he was blown away by the 20 bike projects in progress. So he started talking with Cameron and decided right then and there to rebuild the bike to show level, something he could compete with and worthy of a magazine spotlight. “We made a list that very day. He wanted to go bigger on the front wheel, from the 21 to a 26-inch and he wanted a particular shade of gold,” Cameron tells us. “Then he turned it over to us. Basically, he said build it so that if someone spotted the bike they’d walk all the way across the parking lot to see it.”

    The original 2003 Twin Cam motor had been stock but soon got a performance rebuild including T-Man heads and pistons and plumbed by Camtech’s Robbie Closson. “It’s a hot rod,” Cameron says. “Randy’s a horsepower guy, so he picked his own motor components based on his previous engine combinations.” The heads were diamond cut while all-new bodywork was fabricated by Camtech’s Josh Zak, the Pagan Gold and graphics paint then applied. For cruisin’ music, there are four 6 x 9 speakers, two in the fairing, two in the saddlebags and a big amp plus a 7-inch JVC video screen and GPS. Summing it up Cameron says, “It’s a headturner and the bike rides really well. It’s flashy by classy.”

—Paul Garson


Owner: Randy Laws
City: North Carolina

Designer: Cameron Jurow
Fabrication: Josh Zak, Camtech
Year/make: 2003 H-D
Assembly: Robbie Closson/Camtech
Time: 3 months
Chrome: none

Year/make: 2003 H-D
Displacement: 98 c.i.
Cam: Bobby Woods
Ignition: ThunderMax
Pistons: T-Man
Heads: T-Man
Lifters: Feuling
Carb(s): Horsepower Inc.
Air cleaner: Renegade
Pipes: D&D modified

Year/make: 2003 H-D
Modifications: none
Shifting: 5-speed

Painter: Camtech Custom
Type/color: House of
Kolor/Pagan Gold and black

Year/make: 2003 H-D
Type: FL
Rake: 48 degrees
Stretch: 2 inches
Shocks: Arnott air

Bars: Camtech
Handlebar controls: H-D
Fenders: Camtech
Headlight: H-D
Taillight: RWD
Speedo: Dakota Digital
Dash: Camtech
Front pegs: Carl Brouhard
Rear pegs: Carl Brouhard
Electrics: H-D, Camtech
Gas tank: Camtech
Oil tank: H-D
Oil system: Feuling
Seat: Highrollers
Mirrors: Alloy Art
Grips: Carl Brouhard

Type: H-D
Extension: stock
Builder: H-D, Progressive Suspension

Size: 26-inch front,
16-inch rear
Make: Renegade Spearfish
Tires: Vee Rubber front, Metzeler rear
Brakes: PM
Photos: Michael Lichter

Contact: Camtech Custom Baggers

Disclaimer: The muffler has been altered and can't be purchased directly from D&D in it's altered state.


PIZZAZZ: Scott Ward’s Camtech CVO Redux

Submitted by admin | Thursday - Mar. 7th 2013

With a custom bike comes custom pipes. D&D’s Boarzilla pipes were featured on this beauty.

Article provided by Paisano Publications, LLC and Road Iron Magazine.

Scott Ward’s Camtech CVO Redux

    Harley-Davidson builds what it believes to be the ultimate custom motorcycles in the Custom Vehicle Operations Division (known as CVO). These limited-edition CVO bikes have every bell and whistle the Harley can provide. While the designers at Harley-Davidson may think their CVO Street Glide is the bee’s knees, Scott Ward of Greenwood, South Carolina, decided he could make the best even better. “I bought this CVO Street Glide brand new back in 2011,” Scott recalls. “As cool as it was, I felt like it needed a bit more pizzazz.”

    For this daunting task, Scott went to one of the finest purveyors of custom baggers in America, Cameron Jurow and his talented team at Camtech Custom Baggers in Summerville, South Carolina. Cameron has designed and built a hefty stable of rolling art and won many awards at bike shows around the country. Josh Zak at Camtech was in charge of taking the CVO bike right down to the frame, raking the neck to 46 degrees, and adding 1 1/2 inches of stretch. Camtech beefed up the motor to 113 inches using Revolution Performance heads and J.E pistons in Harley’s Screamin’ Eagle package. Horsepower, Inc. handled the fuel-injection and the big incher makes noise through a set of D&D Boarzilla 2-into-1 pipes. “And those pipes shoot out a five-foot flame thanks to two sparkplugs back there,” Scott tells us. “I had Cameron add those just for the shock factor.”

    Camtech extended the CVO gas tank and Cameron and Scott decided on Sinister Industries fenders, a 26-inch RC Component front wheel shod with Vee Rubber. “When I first started customizing this bike, I put a 23-inch front wheel on it, but then decided to go for the 26-incher,” Scott says. “Everybody told me that I’d have trouble running a 26-up front, but I swear it runs better with the 26 than it did with the 23.” When it came time for custom paint, a Camtech specialty, Scott picked out a cool, sweeping design in select shades of offwhite, candy orange and black. And while the paint may not be too loud, the stereo sure is. “I kept the stock H-D radio but added two amps and eight Focal speakers,” Scott says. “You’ll sure hear me comin.”

    Much of the original Harley-Davidson CVO bling remains on this swoopy Street Glide, but Scott added Paul Yaffe Bagger Nation bars, a Dakota Digital speedo, a Highroller two-up seat, and hidden Camtech taillight for just the right touch of class. Speaking of class, our ROAD IRON cover model, Brittany Watson, a bagger rider from Georgia, was happy to add the finishing touch of stateliness to what we like to call “the ultimate custom CVO.”

—Dave Nichols

Owner: Scott Ward
City: Greenwood, South Carolina

Fabrication: Josh Zak/Camtech
Year/make: 2011 H-D
Model: CVO Street Glide
Assembly: Camtech
Time: six months

Year/make: 2011 H-D Twin Cam
Rebuilder: Camtech
Ignition:  underbird
Displacement: 113 c.i.
Lower end: H-D
Balancing: H-D
Pistons: J.E.
Heads: Revolution Performance
Cam: Screamin’ Eagle
Lifters: Screamin’ Eagle
Carb: Horsepower, Inc.
Air cleaner: Renegade
Pipes: D&D Boarzilla

Year/make: 2011 Baker DD7

Painter: Camtech
Type/color: off white, candy orange

Year/make: 2011 H-D
Type: FL
Rake: 46 degrees
Stretch: 1 1/2 inches
Shocks: Legend Air

Bars: Bagger Nation
Handlebar controls: H-D
Fenders: Sinister Industries
Headlight: H-D
Taillight: Camtech
Speedo: Daytona Digital
Floorboards: H-D CVO
Electrics: H-D
Gas tank: Camtech
Oil tank: H-D
Primary cover: H-D
Seat: Highrollers
Mirrors: H-D
Grips: H-D CVO

Type: H-D CVO
Extension: 2 inches

Size: 26-inch front,
17-inch rear
Builder: RC Components
Tire: Vee Rubber front, Metzeler rear
Brakes: RC Components
Photos: Don Rogers

Camtech Custom Baggers


THE GRAPE APE: The Boss Gets A Road Glide

Submitted by admin | Thursday - Mar. 7th 2013

D&D is proud to have our pipes featured on this cool Harley-Davidson.

Article provided by Paisano Publications, LLC and Road Iron Magazine.


The Boss Gets A Road Glide

    “We did this one just for me, and it’s become my daily rider,” says Cameron Jurow owner of Camtech Custom Baggers of Summerville, South Carolina. Originally race car fabrication facility some 20 years ago, Camtech turned its attention to custom bikes a few years back, and these guys handle it all, fabrication, paint, engine building, upholstery, you name it. There’s even a whole line of Camtech add-ons. Plenty of show-stopping machines have rolled out the doors here, so when the boss decided to put together something for himself, you have to know this “Grape Ape” would be special.

    “First we had to make this bike fit me,” Cameron begins. “I’m a big guys, 6-foot-6, so we stretched the frame, put some lift in the backbone, and then cut the neck to rake it out to 46 degrees. It’s a lot longer and lower now.” That big rake made room for 30-inch Metalsport Roxy front wheel that has become a focal point of the reworked Harley. “We came up with a new look for the front fender,” Cameron says. “We began with one of our fiberglass blanks and added a little swoop up top and the kick-out at the back. We’re manufacturing and selling fenders just like it now.”

    The saddlebags  and rear fender are from Arlen Ness, neatly matched with a Camtech Flaired Body Kit that includes a set of fiberglass gas tank skins over the stock Harley-Davidson tank, styled to flow into a matching pair of snap-in-place side panel replacements.
    The steel front spoiler is another Camtech add-on, and, just like that front fender, is now available in fiberglass. All this added up to a super smooth transition from stock, simply done and bringing some elegant lines to the Road Glide.

    Killer sound systems are a big deal these days, so naturally this bike has the latest Camtech has to offer, an inner fairing mounting a 7-inch screen DVD/GPS/CD/radio/navigation system along with four 6 1/2-inch speakers and four tweeters, all right there in the dash. A pair of 10-inch subwoofers found a home in Ness Down-N-Out saddlebags. The windscreen was blended into the fairing for a one-piece appearance with the headlight recessed and the covered with a frenched-in Lexan panel candy colored to match the rest of the paint.

    The engine wasn’t forgotten during all this. Camtech started as performance shop and this bike’s Twin Cam shows it. It is a 124 now, reworked top to bottom with pieces from S&S, Revolution Performance, and Feuling Performance all breathing through a big 58mm throttle body and getting the signals from a ThunderMax ECM. There’s plenty of hot rod muscle to back up the custom look, which took the prestigious Bagger Nation “Bagger of the Year” award at this year’s Easyriders Invitational Bike Show in Columbus, Ohio.

—Joe Kress

Owner: Cameron Jurow
City: Summerville, South Carolina

Designer: Cameron Jurow
Fabrication: Camtech
Year/make: 2010 H-D
Model: Road Glide
Assembly: Camtech
Time: 2 weeks
Chroming: none

Year/make: 2010 H-D
Rebuilder: the Camtech crew
Displacement: 124 cubic inches
Ignition: ThunderMax
Cam: 662-2
Carb: EFI, 58mm throttle body
Air cleaner: RSD
Pipes: D&D
Year/make: 2010 H-D
Shifting: 6-speed

Painter: Mario Comacho
Type/color: House of Kolor/Candy Purple

Year/make: 2010 H-D
Type: Road Glide
Rake: 46 degrees
Stretch: 3 1/2 inches
Shocks: Arnott

Bars: Camtech Low Lifes
Handlebar controls: H-D
Fenders: Ness, modified
Headlight: H-D
Taillight: Ness
Speedo: Dakota Digital
Pegs: Hawg Halters
Foot controls: Hawg

Gas tank: Camtech
Oil tank: H-D
Seat: High Roller
Grips: SMT

Front End
Type: Wide Glide, plus 4 inches
Builder: Camtech Wheels
Make: Metalsport, Roxy
Size: 30-inch front, 17-inch rear
Tires: Vee Rubber front, Metzeler rear
Brakes: Hawg Halters
Photos: Michael Lichter

Contact: Camtech Custom Baggers

Disclaimer: The muffler has been altered and can't be purchased directly from D&D in it's altered state.


Bob Cat Pipe - A Lot More!

Submitted by admin | Monday - Jun. 11th 2012

Rider's like what they see and hear about the D&D Bob Cat pipe. In surfing the web we found a number of posts about the Bob Cat on a few forums. Here is an excerpt...


"D&D wasn't lying when they said that this pipe performed. It feels like a completely different bike and all I did was change from the Short shots to the Bobcat."


"The D&D Bobcat Sportster pipes are build for 2004 - 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportsters for performance, torque, and soul-satisfying tone."


"The bike now sounds more like a V-Rod with a lot more throttle response. A really deep growl. It's absolutely insane and worth every penny. When guys say that a 2:1 is what you need to get for performance, it ain't no lie. I couldn't keep it under 60 all the way home. Highly recommended."


Bob Cat Pipes are available in black or chrome with polished aluminum, black or carbon muffler. Click here to view the Black Pipe or the Chrome Pipe.

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