Brad Baker

Brad Baker

Birthdate: 09/28/1986
Hometown: Dryad, WA
Height: 6'
Weight: 155

AMA Profile

Brad Baker of Dryad, Washington got into racing at age five. He was brought up and taught by his father Kip. Brad Started his AMA Pro Racing career off with a bang in 2009 by winning the inaugural AMA Pro Singles Championship. He then went on to show he had what it took to be a GNC Expert in 2010 by making all three provisional Expert Twin main events. In 2011, He earned the Saddlemen Seats Expert Rookie of the year placing 6th in the overall Grand National Championship. Now in 2012, Brad has hooked up with legendary tuner Kenny Tolbert who was the crew chief of 7-Time Grand National Champion, Chris Carr. His goal for 2012 and from here on out is the biggest of them all, become the AMA Pro Flat Track Expert Grand National Champion.

Brad Baker #12 Daytona Rounds 1 and 2 always seem to treat me especially well. Every year seems to get a little better and this year definitely proved that. I felt super comfortable on the bike during both rounds. The hard work put in by myself and all my great sponsors definitely paid off. I was hooking up coming off the corners and driving in hard coming in. I think this had a little something to do with my amazing low swept D&D Exhaust that has a really smooth low end power but has plenty of mid range to upper end HP. I cant tell you that during the course of both races that my mind wasn't set on the money prize and points that are rewarded after the race. All I thought about was winning! Even though I fell short of getting my first win of my expert career both nights, my mind set helped me come out of both rounds with a better overall average than any other rider.